Vitamin Water Gummy Bears | ビタミンウォーターのグミベア


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Vitamin Water Gummy Bears | ビタミンウォーターのグミベア

Do you love drinking Vitamin Water in the summer? I definitely do! And these gummy bears taste just like the real thing! Reducing the liquid by half gives it a much stronger flavour, which helps the gummy bears have an equally potent flavour as the drink does. My favourite are the orange ones! Make sure to store these in the fridge, as they can slightly lose their shape when they warm up too much.


❤1 bottle of vitamin water, any flavour
❤ ½ cup water
❤ 1 tbsp gelatin
❤ 1 tbsp sugar
❤ food colouring (that matches the colour of the vitamin water)

1. Pour the vitamin water into a small pot and bring to a boil. Keep boiling until it reduces by half, about 20 minutes.
2. Add the water, gelatin, sugar and food colouring and bring the mixture back up to a boil.
3. Allow the liquid to slightly cool, then pour it into a gummy bear mold. Place this in the fridge until the gummy bears have fully set.

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Vitamin Water Gummy Bears | ビタミンウォーターのグミベア


❤ビタミンウォーター(お好みの味) 1本分(591ml)
❤水 カップ1/2
❤ゼラチン 大さじ1
❤砂糖 大さじ1




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