Triple Chocolate Raspberry Trifle | トリプルチョコレートのラスベリートライフル


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Triple Chocolate Raspberry Trifle | トリプルチョコレートのラスベリートライフル

Assuming that one would ever have any leftover cake scraps that they haven’t been tempted to nibble on, this is the perfect recipe to use them in! I honestly had to keep reminding myself that I needed the cake for a video, and that it wasn’t a candidate for late-night snacking. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, haha.
Even if you don’t have any leftover cake, you could always just make a small batch of cupcakes or pick up some yummy, good-quality cake at your local grocery store. And if chocolate isn’t really your thing, feel free to swap the chocolate cake for vanilla or lemon cake and use regular custard or vanilla pudding! This was so quick and easy to make, and tastes best when rested in the fridge for a few hours (like 2-3) before serving.

Ingredients (fills 1 medium-sized bowl)
❤ 2 cups chocolate cake scraps (I used the scraps from my Mocha Chocolate Chip cake here)
❤ ¼ cup raspberry jam
❤ ¼ cup hot water
❤ 500g chocolate custard (or chocolate pudding)
❤ 2 ½ cups raspberries (plus extra for decorating)
❤ 300 ml whipped cream
❤ 1 square dark chocolate

1. Arrange the cake scraps in the bottom of a medium-sized glass bowl. Save some of the smaller pieces for decorating the trifle later. Then dissolve the raspberry jam in the hot water, and drizzle all over the cake pieces.
2. Then pour the chocolate custard over the chocolate cake, making a clear distinction between the cake and the custard on the edges of the bowl. Then layer the raspberries and arrange them again so that you can see them on the outside of the bowl.
3. Whip the cream in a separate bowl until it reaches soft peaks. Then spoon this over the raspberries, but allow some to peek through.
4. Then decorate the top with some extra raspberries and small pieces of cake, then grate the dark chocolate on top.

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chocolate raspberry trifle thumb

Triple Chocolate Raspberry Trifle | トリプルチョコレートのラスベリートライフル


❤ 余ったチョコレートケーキ(こちらのモカチップケーキ使用しました) 2カップ
❤ ラスベリーのジャム 1/4カップ
❤ お湯 1/4カップ
❤ チョコカスタード(またはチョコプリン) 500g
❤ ラスベリー カップ2.5
❤ 生クリーム 300ml
❤ ダークチョコレート 1粒




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