Tomato Pizza Buns | トマトのピザパン


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Tomato Pizza Buns | トマトのピザパン

These look like tomatoes and are filled with a margarita pizza filling – tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil!! I’m not sure I can convey how amazing these taste! When you open your oven, it smells like you just baked a homemade pizza. Tearing the bun open will reveal melted mozzarella cheese mixed with the pizza sauce and flavoured with the fresh basil leaf, just like an actual pizza! Making bread can seem intimidating sometimes, but these are so simple, I promise! I use frozen mozzarella cheese so that the cheese stays relatively intact while baking, to prevent it from melting and leaking out of buns in the oven. If you’re not a fan of margarita pizzas, you can totally add whatever you like as a filling! Ham and cheese would be delicious, as would adding a variety of different types of cheese (like cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, brie or goat cheese) to create very cheesy buns!

Ingredients (makes 10 large buns)

❤ Bacon Bear bread dough, steps 1-4 (recipe here)
❤ 1 tbsp ketchup
❤ red & green food colouring
❤ 200g mozzarella, cut into large cubes and frozen
❤ 10 large fresh basil leaves
❤ 1/3 cup pizza sauce (about 1.5 tsp per bun)
❤ a toothpick

1. Once the Bacon Bear bread dough has doubled in size (following steps 1-4), punch the dough to release air, then turn it out onto a floured surface. Take 1/6 of the dough and set it aside. Knead the remaining larger amount of dough together with 1 tbsp ketchup and red food colouring. The food colouring takes a while to completely disperse throughout the dough, so continue kneading and add more food colouring as needed. (I needed a bit more food colouring than I had originally anticipated.) Then set aside.
2. Add some green food colouring to the smaller amount of dough and knead until it is even in colour.
3. Divide both the red and green dough into 10 even pieces. Place these on a floured surface and cover with a damp dish towel. Allow these to rise for 15 minutes.
4. Working with one bun at a time, flatten each bun into a pancake shape, and spoon about 1.5 tsp of pizza sauce onto the center of the pancake. Add a basil leaf and a few cubes of frozen mozzarella cheese, then close the pancake to create a bun. Place the bun seam side down, and repeat with the remaining buns.
5. Divide each piece of green dough into 2 large pieces and one smaller piece. Stretch the larger pieces into 2 long strips, and place on top of each tomato bun to create an X-shape. Roll the smaller piece into a ball and place in the center of the X to create a stem. Using a toothpick, tuck the edges of the green dough underneath themselves to attach them to the bun.
6. Place these on 1 or 2 baking sheets (depending on the size of your baking sheets) lined with parchment paper, and cover once more with a damp paper towel. Let these rise once more for 20 minutes.
7. Then bake them at  375F for 20 minutes and enjoy!

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Tomato Pizza Buns | トマトのピザパン


❤ベーコン入りくまパンの生地(①~④) (レシピはこちらです)
❤ケチャップ 大さじ1
❤モッツアレラチーズ(角に切って、解凍した) 200g
❤バジルの葉 大10枚
❤ピザソース カップ1/3(各パンに約小さじ1.5)

①ベーコン入りくまパンのレシピと①~④まで同様に作り、2倍ふくらめたら、ガス抜きパンチし、強力粉にまぶした調理台に移す。生地1/6分をちぎり取り、別にしておく。残りの生地をケチャップ大さじ1と赤色の食用色素とこねる。赤色に着色するのは少し時間かかりますが、頑張って生地をこねて、必要なら食用色素をもう少し加える。 食用色素の量はやっぱり意外に多かったが、濃い赤色になるまで食用色素を少しずつ加える。赤色の生地を別にしておく。



  • Kendra

    Can you convert them to something other than grams? I tried and messed up the entire recipe when trying to make the dough and i wasted a lot of ingredients in the process.

    • admin

      I’m so sorry that you had a tricky time with the measurements! I used grams because some of the measurements are really tricky to convert to cup measurements etc, and have a little kitchen scale that I use that always seems to do the trick. You could also try googling the equivalents (like 200g mozzarella cheese in cups), which has always been super helpful for me in the past. Hope this helps!! <3

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