Starbucks Bento | スターバックスの弁当


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Starbucks Bento | スターバックスの弁当

This is SO CUTE!! I’ve thought about making this for ages, and thought that it would be perfect for tea and coffee week! It takes a little bit of time to make the logo, but I love the way that it turned out! I felt so terrible when I had to eat it, but it did make a very delicious lunch!

Ingredients (fills one bento box)
❤ 180ml short grain rice, washed, cooked and lightly seasoned with salt (for instructions, click here)
❤ 1 slice of white processed cheese
❤ 1 sheet of nori seaweed
❤ lettuce leaves
❤ steamed broccoli
❤ 2 meatballs (recipe here)
❤ mayonnaise
❤ 2 cherry tomatoes
❤ ham
❤ cheese
❤ lettuce
❤ 2 toothpicks

1. First, make the Starbucks logo. Cut a circle shape out of the nori seaweed, and on a cutting board, begin cutting out the Starbucks logo with a sharp knife. This can be quite a lengthy process, but just work slowly and work section by section. You can print out a photo of the logo and place it on top of the nori as a template, then cut through both layers. Be gentle when cutting, because the nori can tear, however even if it does, just keep the separate pieces because you can attach everything back together later on.
2. Once you have finished cutting out the logo, stick the nori onto a slice of white processed cheese. If you have any pieces that tore during the cutting process, the cheese will help everything stick together, and will hide any seams or mistakes.
3. Wrap about a handful of rice in a sheet of plastic wrap, and shape into a takeout coffee cup shape. Then take a smaller amount of rice and wrap it in another sheet of plastic wrap, and shape into the lid of the coffee cup.
4. Line a bento box with some lettuce leaves. Remove the plastic wrap from the rice balls, and arrange them inside the box. Trim the base of the cheese that you stuck the logo onto, to make it look like a coffee sleeve. Then place this on top of the rice coffee cup. Cut out a small strip of nori, and place it onto the coffee lid to give it a little bit more dimension.
5. Stick some steamed broccoli and meatballs into the remaining spaces in the bento box. Place some mayonnaise in a piping bag fitted with a round tip, and draw a swirl onto each meatball, to look like cinnamon buns.
6. To make the tomato sandwiches, slice each cherry tomato in half, and sandwich small pieces of ham, cheese and lettuce in between, securing with a toothpick. Then place these with the steamed broccoli.

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starbucks bento thumb

Starbucks Bento | スターバックスの弁当


❤ご飯 1合
❤スライスチーズ 1枚
❤海苔 1枚
❤ミートボール(レシピはこちらです) 2個
❤プチトマト 2個
❤爪楊枝 2本




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