Rilakkuma Chocolate Advent Calendar | リラックマのチョコアドベントカレンダー


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Rilakkuma Chocolate Advent Calendar | リラックマのチョコアドベントカレンダー

This is the cutest early Christmas present for a friend or family member!  Every chocolate is filled with a different filling, so every day is a surprise! You can use whatever you like as a filling! Here’s some of the fillings that I used: peanut butter, nutella, marshmallows, a variety of nuts, gummy bears, honey, strawberry and cherry jam, coconut flakes, rice krispies, crushed candy cane, dried cranberries, raisins, caramel candies, chocolate chips, and so on! I also combined some fillings, and filled one chocolate with marshmallows and cherry jam!

If you’re giving these as a gift, you can place each chocolate in a mini cupcake wrapper, and place them in a festive gift box! Just remember that because these chocolates aren’t tempered, these need to stay in the fridge to prevent them from melting and losing their pretty shine.

Ingredients (makes 25 chocolates)
❤ approx. 500g white chocolate (I used Lindt chocolate)
❤ red oil-based food colouring
❤ matcha green tea powder
❤ dark chocolate
❤ toothpicks
❤ 25 unique fillings, as desired

1. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in 30-second intervals. Divide the chocolate in half, and then Take a small amount of melted white chocolate and place it in a separate bowl. Dye the remaining, larger amounts of white chocolate a festive red colour with the oil-based food colouring and green with the green tea matcha powder. Melt some dark chocolate in another bowl.
2. Using a small spoon and a Rilakkuma ice cube or chocolate mold, fill in the eyes and noses of the Rilakkumas with the dark chocolate. Place the mold in the fridge or freezer to set. Then fill in the tummies and area around the nose and mouth with the white chocolate. Return the mold to the freezer to set.
3. Coat all sides of the mold with the red-coloured chocolate and place this back into the fridge or freezer to fully set.
4. Then place a small amount of each filling into each chocolate, and cover with another layer of melted red-coloured chocolate. If you’d like some more ideas for fillings, check out my How to Make Filled Chocolates video here. Pop these into the fridge or freezer once more to fully set. Also do this with the green-coloured chocolate to make green bears! I also coloured their tummies red or green and filled the rest of the mold in with white chocolate, just to give create some variety.
5. Turn the chocolates out the molds, and with a toothpick or a very small spoon, draw on numbers 1 to 25 with the remaining dark chocolate. Return to the fridge or freezer to set.

Want to see more video tutorials? Check out all of my recipes here!

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Rilakkuma Chocolate Advent Calendar | リラックマのチョコアドベントカレンダー

友だちやご家族にとてもかわいいプレゼントになると思います!各チョコレートの中身が違って、毎日何の味のチョコレートを食べるかと楽しむ!中身は 何でもいいです!私が入れた中身はこのようなものです:ピーナッツバター、ヌテラ、マシュマロ、色々なナッツ、グミベア、蜂蜜、いちごとチェリージャム、 ココナツ粉、ライスクリスピー、つぶしたキャンディケイン、干しクランベリー、レーズン、生キャラメル、チョコチップなど。2つの中身も一つにし、マシュ マロとチェリージャムが入ったチョコを作ってみました!


❤ ホワイトチョコレート 約500g
❤ 油性食用色素(赤色)
❤ 抹茶粉
❤ ダークチョコレート
❤ 爪楊枝
❤ 25つの中身

④お好みの中身を殻に入れ、赤色のチョコレートをもう少しかけ、チョコレートのベースをつくる。中身などのアイデアは「手作りのシェルチョコレート」の動 画にあって、リンクはこちらです。冷蔵庫や冷凍庫に戻し、しっかり固まらせる。抹茶入りチョコと同様に使って、緑色のリラックマができます!お腹に赤色や 緑色にし、体にホワイトチョコレートを使って、かわいいバリエーションだと思います!



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