Rilakkuma Banana Bread Oatmeal | リラックマのバナナパンのオートミール


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Rilakkuma Banana Bread Oatmeal | リラックマのバナナパンのオートミール

This is the cutest and most delicious, fruit-packed oatmeal and it is perfect for this season! This porridge is super filling, and all you need to do is quickly mix everything together and bake it in the oven! You can tweak this recipe to suit your tastebuds as well! Substitute the walnuts for raisins or even chocolate chips, and even dust on cocoa powder instead of cinnamon to create a chocolatey breakfast! The ramekins that I used were slightly smaller than regular ones, but if you are worried about yours being too small, simply mix the mixture in a separate bowl, and then pour it into the ramekins until they fill up!

Ingredients (serves 2)
❤ 1/2 cup rolled oats
❤ 1 banana
❤ ¼ cup diced pear
❤ 2 tsp brown sugar
❤ pinch of salt
❤ 1 cup milk
❤ 1/2 tbsp raisins or walnuts, optional
❤ cinnamon

For Decoration
❤ ½ banana
❤ 4 raisins
❤ 4 chocolate chips
❤ cinnamon

1. Mash up 1 banana, and divide it between 2 ramekins. Add 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 tsp brown sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/8 cup of the diced pear and 1/2 tbsp raisins or walnuts (if using) to each ramekin, and mix well. Add 1/2 cup milk to each ramekin, and gently stir until fully incorporated.
2. Place the ramekins on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 30 minutes.
3. Sprinkle a light layer of cinnamon over the entire surface of the oatmeal once it has slightly cooled. Then wipe the excess cinnamon off the sides of the ramekin with a wet paper towel.
4. Squish a slice of banana into an oval shape, and place it on the oatmeal as the nose. Cut a raisin into a circular shape as the nose, and another raisin into 2 thin strips as the mouth. Then place two chocolate chips with the flat side up onto the oatmeal as the eyes.
5. Carve 2 banana slices into ear-shapes, and dust on some cinnamon to colour the inside of the ears with your finger. Place them onto the oatmeal, and you’re done!

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rilakkuma oats thumb

Rilakkuma Banana Bread Oatmeal | リラックマのバナナパンのオートミール

この季節にぴったりかわいくて、おいしいフルーツいっぱい入ったオートミールです!食べるとお腹がすぐいっぱいになって、材料を混ぜ合わせて、オー ブンで焼くと完成です!お好みの味にもできるし、くるみの代わりにレーズンやチョコチップでも加えるし、シナモンの代わりにココアパウダーを振るとチョコ レートの朝ごはんに!使用したラメキンは少し小さいと思いますが、自分のラメキンのサイズに悩む場合、別のボウルで材料を混ぜ、ラメキンに適量のオート ミールを加えると悩む必要がないです!


❤ ロールドオート カップ1/2
❤ バナナ 1本
❤ 洋なし カップ1/4
❤ 黒砂糖 小さじ2
❤ 塩 ひとつまみ
❤ 牛乳 カップ1
❤ レーズン(またはくるみ) 大さじ1/2
❤ シナモン 少々

❤ バナナ 1/2本
❤ レーズン 4個
❤ チョコチップ 4粒
❤ シナモン 適量




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