Nutella Hot Chocolate | ヌテラのホットチョコ


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Nutella Hot Chocolate | ヌテラのホットチョコ

Who could say no to drinkable Nutella? I’ve combined dark and milk chocolate in this recipe to balance the sweetness a little bit, and to just complement the deliciousness that is Nutella. Initially I wanted to make Nutella whipped cream to top the hot chocolate, and what I made tasted delicious, but it didn’t look that good on camera (check the last scenes of my video to see what I mean, haha). On second thought I could have put the whipped cream into a piping bag, which would have made it look a lot better! If you’d like the recipe to that whipped cream, which I highly recommend making, the recipe is below the hot chocolate recipe!

Ingredients (Serves 2-4)
❤ 4 cups milk
❤ 50g milk chocolate
❤ 100g dark chocolate
❤ 1/3 cup nutella
❤ whipped cream
❤ chocolate chips

1. Heat the milk over medium heat in a pot. Add the milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Nutella, and mix until both have fully melted.
2. Pour the hot chocolate into your desired mugs, and top with whipped cream and some chocolate chips. Enjoy!

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Nutella Hot Chocolate | ヌテラのホットチョコ

飲めるヌテラです!ヌテラに合って、甘さをバランスするためにミルクチョコとダークチョコを加えてみました。初めにホイップクリームにヌテラを加えて、ヌ テラクリームを作ってみましたが、やっぱり動画にきれいにかけられませんでした(動画の終わりに見せました❤)。ホイップクリームを絞り袋に入れたら、か わいくかけると思います。ヌテラのホイップクリームのレシピはこのホットチョコのレシピの下にございます!ぜひ試してみてください!

❤ 牛乳 カップ4
❤ ミルクチョコレート 100g
❤ ダークチョコレート 50g
❤ ヌテラ カップ1/3
❤ ホイップクリーム
❤ チョコチップ




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