Matcha Muffin Christmas Tree | 抹茶マフィンのクリスマスツリー


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Matcha Muffin Christmas Tree | 抹茶マフィンのクリスマスツリー

This is the perfect treat for Christmas morning! This can be made and assembled the night before, and can be brought out on Christmas morning to wow all of your family and guests! This might look tricky to put together, but it’s actually quite quick and easy! The skewers can be tricky to push into the styrofoam cone, but just tap them with something (it was a pair of scissors that I used in the video – I’d recommend using something much safer, haha).

If you find that the muffins are a little bit dry, you can fill them with some whipped cream or strawberry jam, and they’ll taste amazing! I think that I baked my batch a little bit too long, so mine were a bit too crumbly for my liking, but I’ve reduced the baking time, so you all should have no trouble baking them! You could also mix some nuts or chocolate chips in with the muffin batter!

Ingredients (makes 1 tree)

Muffins (makes 30 muffins)
❤ 300g unsalted butter, melted
❤ 350g sugar
❤ 5 large eggs
❤ 250ml milk
❤ 10 tsp matcha green tea powder
❤ 600g cake flour
❤ 5 tsp baking powder

❤1 styrofoam cone (45 cm tall)
❤ bamboo skewers
❤ double-sided tape (if necessary)
❤ 1 toothpick

Tree Decorations
❤ confectioner’s sugar
❤ fresh strawberries and raspberries
❤ 1 thick slice white or orange cheddar cheese
❤ silver or gold lustre dust (and some edible glitter, if desired)


To make the muffins:
1. Mix together the melted butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Then add the milk and egg, and mix again.
2. Sift the flour, matcha powder and baking powder into the bowl and mix together. Pour these into a muffin pan to make 6 muffins. Make sure that the tin is lined with muffin tin liners.
3. Bake the muffins at 170C/340F for 20 minutes, checking them after 10 minutes. Remove them from the oven when fully cooked and allow them to fully cool. Then remove the muffin liners from each muffin.
4. Place each muffin in your desired spot on the cone one at a time, and stick a skewer through the muffin into the cone. Then slide the muffin off the skewer, and push the skewer the rest of the way into the cone until 2-3 inches of the skewer is sticking out. Stick the muffin back onto the skewer, and continue until the cone is completely covered.
4. Wedge some raspberries and strawberries into the crevices between the muffins. Cut a star out of the cheese, and dust it with luster dust. Stick the star onto a toothpick, and then stick it on top of the tree. Dust a light coating of confectioner’s sugar and some edible glitter, if desired, over the entire tree to look like snow, and you’re finished!

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muffin tree thumb

Matcha Muffin Christmas Tree | 抹茶マフィンのクリスマスツリー

クリスマスの朝ごはんにぴったりです!前の日に作っておき、クリスマスの朝にご家族に見せます!ちょっと難しそうですが、意外に簡単ですよ!竹串は スタイロフォームに刺しにくいですので、何かを使って、スタイロフォームに押し入れる。動画にハサミを使用しましたが、ちょっと危ないですので、もっと使 いやすいものを使ってね❤

マフィンがボロボロになってしまう場合、中にホイップクリームやいちごジャムを入れるとおいしいです!私が作った 時に焼き過ぎたと思って、ボロボロになってしまいましたが、焼く時間を少し短くしましたので、このレシピを作ればおいしく出来上がると思います。生地に ナッツやチョコチップなどを加えるのもおいしいです!


❤ 無塩バター(溶けた)300g
❤ 砂糖 350g
❤ 卵 大5個
❤ 牛乳 250ml
❤ 抹茶粉 大さじ10
❤ 薄力粉 600g
❤ ベーキングパウダー 小さじ5

❤ スタイロフォーム(高さ45cmの円錐型) 1本
❤ 竹串

❤ 爪楊枝 1本

❤ 粉糖
❤ いちごとラスベリー
❤ 厚くスライスしたチェダーチーズ 1枚
❤ 金色やシルバー色の食用のキラキラパウダー(またはキラキラのフレイク)





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