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Lion Corn | コーンのライオンさん

Ingredients (makes 6 lions)
❤ 2 cobs of corn, cooked (boiled or steamed)
❤ 6 round slices of mozzarella cheese
❤ 6 slices of orange cheddar cheese
❤ 1 slice of ham
❤ ¼ sheet of nori seaweed
❤ 36 white sesame seeds

1. Slice each cob of corn into 3 slices. Slice the mozzarella into circles large enough to almost cover the surface of the corn. Using a large straw (like a bubble tea straw), cut out 12 circles from the orange cheddar cheese to use as cheeks. Then using a regular-sized straw, cut out 6 small circles from the orange cheddar cheese and 12 small circles from the ham. Using scissors or a hole puncher, cut out 12 circles from the nori seaweed to make the eyes.
2. Arrange the corn on a plate, then place a mozzarella circle on top of each slice of corn to make the face of the lions. Place two large cheddar cheese circles side by side in the center to make the cheeks, and decorate each cheek with 3 white sesame seeds. Place a small cheddar cheese circle above the two cheeks to make the nose, and 1 ham circle on each side of the cheeks to make the lions blush. Lastly, stick 2 nori seaweed eyes above the cheeks to make the eyes, and enjoy!

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lion corn thumb

Lion Corn | コーンのライオンさん

❤コーン(茹でた) 2本
❤モッツァレラチーズ 6枚
❤チェダーチーズ 6枚
❤ハム 1枚
❤海苔 1/4枚
❤白ゴマ 36粒





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