Jelly iPhone 6 (Plus) | iPhone 6 のゼリー


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Jelly iPhone 6 (Plus) | iPhone 6 のゼリー

Many of you guys are surely looking forward to picking up the new iPhone 6 tomorrow when it goes on sale, so I thought that I’d provide you guys with one while you’re waiting in line, or waiting for yours to arrive after pre ordering (like me – a 3-4 week wait for the Plus.. UGH). I was honestly terrified of making this, because I was so worried that the jelly wouldn’t set, or the cookies wouldn’t be perfectly square.
The jelly that I used, agar agar, sets much more firmly than gelatin, so it’ll feel more crisp and refreshing. Because it is firmer, it’s also less flexible, so you need to be quite gentle when removing it from the mould. Don’t bend it too much, or it might crack. Cracks can always be fixed by spooning some more of the liquid agar agar mixture on top, and then quickly placing it in the fridge. It also sets at room temperature, which means that you won’t have to be sitting around for hours on end waiting for it to set. I do pop it in the fridge for setting, but that’s just because I’m impatient, and the coldness of the fridge speeds up the setting time SO MUCH. I love the little cookie apps, and I advise you to make sure that you don’t allow the clear jelly to touch the icing, because it will dissolve and the jelly will take on the colour of the icing.

Ingredients (makes 1 iPhone)

White Base of iPhone
❤ ½ cup water
❤ ½ cup milk
❤ 1 tbsp agar agar

Blue Screen
❤ 1 cup aloe juice (or any lightly-coloured juice)
❤ blue food colouring
❤ 1 tbsp agar agar

Clear Coating of iPhone
❤ 2 cups water
❤ 2 tbsp sugar
❤ 2 tbsp agar agar

Apps and Phone Features
❤ ¼ mocha cookie dough recipe (recipe here)
❤ ½ lb icing sugar
❤ 1 large egg white
❤ 1/8 cup water
❤ food colouring

1. Make the white base by adding the water, milk and agar agar into a pan, and bringing it to a boil. Bring the heat back down to low, and simmer for 1-2 minutes. Allow this to slightly cool in the pan, and then pour it into a rectangular container. Place it in the fridge to set, about 5-10 minutes. Once it has fully set, gently remove it from the container and lay it on a sheet of plastic wrap.
2. Then make the blue screen by adding the aloe juice, blue food colouring and agar agar into a pan, and bringing it to a boil. Bring the heat back down to low, and simmer it for 1-2 minutes as well. Allow this to slightly cool in the pan, and then pour it into the rectangular container. Place it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set. Once it has fully set, remove it from the container and place it on another sheet on plastic wrap.
3. Make the apps by rolling out the cookie dough until it is 2-3mm thick. Cut out 23 squares that are 1.5cm on all sides. I recommend cutting out some extra just in case some become misshapen when baking. Also cut out a circle for the home button (1.5 cm in diameter), and the receiver area (2 cm long). Transfer these onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake at 350F for 5 minutes. The receiver area will brown quicker, but we’re going to cover that with white icing, so it doesn’t matter too much. Allow these cookies to fully cool.
4. To make the icing, mix together the icing sugar and egg white in a bowl with a hand mixer. Add the water, and beat on high until the icing forms a ribbon when drizzled, and stays on the surface for 5 seconds. Then divide the icing into 9 bowls – 6 medium and 3 tiny. Dye the icing in the 3 tiny bowls yellow, grey and red. Dye the remaining bowls green, blue, orange, black, purple and white. We’ll be using white in many places, so divide the icing so that there is a bit more white than any other colour.
5. Divide the icing into piping bags fitted with a very small tip, and pipe the designs of the apps onto the squares. This can be fiddly, but just keep going! It looks so cute at the end. Then pipe a line of white icing onto the receiver area.
6. Slice the white iPhone base into the general shape of the iPhone while it is resting on the plastic wrap. Then place the blue screen with the plastic wrap on top, and gently slice the screen into your desired length. Then separate these two layers and set them aside.
7. Make the clear coating of the iPhone, by bringing the water, sugar and agar agar to a boil in a pan, and then reducing it to a simmer. Simmer for 1-2 minutes, and then let it slightly cool.
8. To assemble the iPhone, spoon some of the clear coating into the bottom of the rectangular dish. Just spoon enough to cover the bottom of the dish. Then place the white iPhone base on top, and center it in the dish. Make very shallow slices in the top of the white base with a sharp knife. Then spoon a thin layer of clear coating on top. The shallow slices will allow the white base to better attach to the clear coating. Then place the blue screen on top. Place the home button and receiver area onto the white base of the iPhone. Being very gentle, spoon a very small amount of clear coating onto the blue screen, and place the app cookies on top. Make sure not the get the icing wet, as the colour will run all over the jelly. Continue spooning very small amounts of the clear coating onto the blue screen to act like a glue when sticking the apps on top. Once all of the apps are in place, very carefully spoon the clear coating around the iPhone, so that the white base, home button and receiver area is completely submerged, and that the base of the app cookies are surrounded by jelly. You can place a few drops of the clear coating in between the app cookies, but be careful not to drip any onto the surface of the cookies.
9. Place this back into the refrigerator until it is completely set. Then gently slide a knife around the edges, and slide it onto a sheet of plastic wrap. Then trim off the excess edges of the clear coating, and you’re done!

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Jelly iPhone 6 (Plus) | iPhone 6 のゼリー

明日発売する新しい iPhoneを楽しみにしていますか?待っている間に皆さんに食べられるバーションを作ってあげたいと思います。ゼリーが固まないことやクッキーがきれいな四角いにならないなどの悩みがありました。
使用した寒天はゼラチンよりさっぱりして、固いゼリーです。美味しくても、固いゼリーですので、容器から取っている時に丁寧に扱ってね❤折 りすぎると割れ てしまう場合があります。しかし、溶けたクリアゼリーなどをその割れの上につけ、すぐ冷蔵庫に入れると治れます。室温で固まりますので、長時間待つ必要が ないです!冷蔵庫に入れると室温よりすごく速く固まりますので、いつも入れます^ω^アプリのクッキーも大好きで、クリアゼリーがついたら、アイシングが すぐ溶けてしまいます。


❤ 水 1/2カップ
❤ 水 1/2カップ
❤ 粉寒天 大さじ1

❤ アロエのジュース(またはお好みのジュース) 1カップ
❤ 食用色素(青)
❤ 粉寒天 大さじ1

❤ 水 2カップ
❤ 砂糖 大さじ2
❤ 粉寒天 大さじ2

❤ モカクッキーの生地(レシピはこちらです)
❤ 粉糖 225g
❤ 卵白 1個分
❤ 水 カップ1/8
❤ 食用色素

②青いの画面を作る。アロエ、青色の食用色素と寒天をフライパンに加え、沸騰する。沸騰したら、弱火にし、1~2分煮詰める。粗熱が少し取れたら、長方形 の容器に流し入れる。冷蔵庫に入れ、固める(約5~10分)。しっかり固まったら、容器から丁寧に取り、ラップをもう一枚の上にのせる。
③アプリを作る。クッキーの生地を2~3mmの厚さに伸ばす。23つの1.5cmの四角形を生地から切り取る。 1.5cm直径の丸形を切り取り、ホーム のボタンを作り、長さ2cmの電話の受話器も作る。クッキングシートをひいた天板に並び、176度のオーブンで5分焼く。❤電話の受話器が小さいので、四角いのクッキーより速く焼き色が付けますが、後でアイシングを塗りますので、大丈夫です❤粗熱を完全に取る。
④アイシングを作るために、粉糖と卵白をミキサーで泡立てる。水を加え、リボン状態になって、アイシングの表面に5秒に残すまで泡立てる。中サイズ6つと 小サイズ3つ(全部で9つ)のボウルに分ける。小サイズに入ったアイシングを黄色、灰色と赤色に染める。残りのアイシングを緑色、青色、オレンジ色、黒 色、紫色と白色に染める。
⑤各色を小さな金口がついた絞り袋に入れ、四角いのクッキーにアプリを描く。少し面倒ですが、とても可愛くなりますので頑張って下さい! 電話の受話器に白色のアイシングを少々塗る。
⑦ iPhoneのクリアゼリーを作る。水、砂糖と寒天をフライパンに加え、沸騰したら弱火にする。1~2分煮詰め、粗熱を少し取る。
⑧組み立てるために、クリアゼリーを少々長方形の容器に入れる。 白いベースのその上にのせる。ナイフで白いベースにごく浅い切れ目を入れる。スプーンで クリアゼリーを少々加える。浅い切れ目を入れるとクリアゼリーと白いベースが簡単につけられるようになります。青色の画面をその上にのせる。ホームのボタ ンと電話の受話器を白いベースにアレンジする。クリアゼリーをごく少量を丁寧に青色の画面に流し入れ、アプリのクッキーを付ける。溶けてしまうので、アイ シングを必ずクリアゼリーにつけないように。クリアゼリーをゆっくりで青色の画面に入れ、ゼリーでアプリを画面に付ける。アプリがついたら、白いベース、 ホームのボタンと受話器が沈んで、クッキーのベースがゼリーについているように、iPhoneの周りにクリアゼリーを流し入れる。表面につけてしまわない で、アプリのクッキーの間にゼリーを丁寧に少々入れる。



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