How to Make (Easy!) Sukiyaki | すき焼きの簡単な作り方


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How to Make (Easy!) Sukiyaki | すき焼きの簡単な作り方

Sukiyaki is a kind of Japanese hot pot, that is usually cooked at the table and eaten right out of the pot. It is surprisingly simple to make, and can be a perfect meal for those days when you want more family time and less cooking time. This serves 4 to 6 people, but can easily be adjusted, and is a dish that allows for lots of conversation and bonding at the dinner table. Once you’ve eaten all of the meat and veggies, you can add some udon noodles to the remaining broth. I had some difficulties finding the proper cut of beef, so the beef in the video is about twice as thick as it should be. If you’re unable to find shiragiku (edible chrysanthemum), spinach is a great substitute. I used rocket as a substitute in the video, but I would suggest using spinach because of its more mild flavour. The clear noodles, called shirataki, can easily be found in any Asian grocery store, either in long strands or wrapped into little bundles.

Ingredients (serves 4-6)

Warishita (Broth)
❤ 200 ml soy sauce
❤ 200 ml mirin
❤ 200 ml sake
❤ 200 ml dashi stock (or water)
❤ 8 tbsp sugar

❤ 600 – 800g sukiyaki beef (very thinly sliced, well-marbled strips of beef)
❤ 600g package of firm tofu (or yakidofu – grilled tofu)
❤ 6 green onions
❤ 2 small carrots
❤ 1-2 packets of enoki mushrooms
❤ 8 shiitake mushrooms
❤ 2 bushels of shungiku (edible chrysanthemum/crown daisy leaves)
❤ 2 packages of shirataki
❤ beef fat (or vegetable oil), for cooking
❤ eggs (one per person)


1. If you are unable to find pre-grilled tofu, follow these instructions on how to grill it at home. First, remove the excess moisture from the tofu by placing the fresh tofu on a plate covered with paper towel, and then cover the tofu with another sheet of paper towel. Press down on the tofu gently, and continue blotting with paper towel until the tofu feels more dry and dense. Cook in the microwave for 3 minutes, slice into bite sized rectangles, and then grill in a frying pan (without oil) or in a toaster oven until the tops and bottoms have browned. Then set aside.
2.  Separate the enoki mushrooms from their base, slice the green onions in diagonal, 1-2 inch long pieces, and slice the carrots ¼ inch thick, and cut into a flower shape with a mini flower-shaped cookie cutter. Cut an ‘x’ shape out of the center of the shiitake mushrooms, and remove the stem. Rinse and strain the shirataki. Slice off the stalks from the shungiku (edible chrysanthemum), and arrange all of these ingredients on a place, along with the tofu.
3. Melt some beet fat or oil in a deep frying pan or shallow pot, and then add the beef and cook until lightly browned. Mix together all of the ingredients for the warishita (broth) in a bowl, and then add to the frying pan. Bring the stock to a boil, and then remove the beef and set aside.
4. Nicely arrange the tofu, green onions, carrots, mushrooms and shirataki in the pot, cover with a lid and allow them to steam and cook through. Do not add the shungiku (edible chrysanthemum) yet, as it cooks much faster. Once the vegetables have cooked through, add the shungiku (edible chrysanthemum) and return the beef to the pot. Try to avoid placing the beef and the shirataki side by side, as the shirataki tends to toughen the beef.
5. To serve, place the pot in the center of the table and crack one egg in a small bowl for each person and lightly beat it. Dip the meat and vegetables in the lightly beaten egg before eating. Feel free to add a few drops of soy sauce to the egg, but both the egg and soy sauce are optional.

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How to Make (Easy!) Sukiyaki | すき焼きの簡単な作り方


❤ 醤油   200ml
❤ みりん 200ml
❤ お酒 200ml
❤ だし 200ml
❤ 砂糖 大さじ8

❤ すき焼き用牛肉 600~800g
❤ 焼き豆腐 2丁
❤ 長ネギ 6本
❤ にんじん 小2本
❤ えのき茸 1~2パック
❤ 椎茸 8枚
❤ 春菊 2束
❤ しらたき 2パック
❤ 牛脂(またはサラダ油) 適量
❤ 卵 (各人に1個分)


①焼き豆腐がなければ、お家で作る。皿にキッチンペーパーを置き、豆腐を載せ、さらに別のキッチンペーパーで覆う。カチッとした手触りになるまで軽 く重しをし、水切りする。電子レンジに3分かけ、一口大に切る。フライパンに入れ、中火にし、油をかけないで、表面と裏面だけを焼き、焼き色を付ける。皿 に置く。



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