How to Make 3D Chocolate Dolls | 3Dチョコレートの人形の作り方


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How to Make 3D Chocolate Dolls | 3Dチョコレートの人形の作り方

These are the cutest addition to any dessert or present EVER. I used my Rilakkuma mold like always, but you can use whatever mold you like to create your dolls! The possibilities are absolutely endless! Use white, milk or dark chocolate for the bodies, and decorate them to look like your significant other or your friends! I didn’t temper the chocolate, so it needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer to keep the surface looking nice and shiny, but I’d definitely recommend tempering them if you know how! I used pure chocolate (Lindt Excellence white chocolate bars) for the bodies of the bears and regular white chocolate chips for baking for the little bases.

❤ white chocolate, melted
❤ white chocolate chips
❤ Rilakkuma silicone chocolate mold (or any silicone mold of your choice)

For Decorating
❤ oil-based food colouring
❤ edible glitter or sprinkles
❤ toothpicks
❤ mini cupcake liners

1. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie: Fill a pot about an inch high with water and bring it to a boil. Reduce it to a simmer, then place a glass bowl over top, and add the chocolate. I use the microwave to melt chocolate a lot in my recipes, simply because it’s quicker, but this way treats the chocolate much more gently, and you don’t risk burning the chocolate.
2. Fill the silicone mold melted white chocolate. Smooth out the surface with a knife, to create a flat surface, and place the chocolate in the freezer to fully set, for about 20 minutes.
3. Unmold the chocolates, and decorate half of chocolates with chocolate coloured with oil-based food colouring, as well as edible glitter or sprinkles. I added some eyelashes, blushing cheeks with some edible glitter hearts, as well as some lipstick! Return these to the freezer to set again.
4. Then spread a thin layer of white chocolate on the flat side of 3 undecorated chocolates, and place the 3 decorated chocolates on top. Because these chocolates are cold from being in the freezer, the chocolate will set really quickly, so make sure to do them one at a time. Return these to the freezer to set again, around 10 minutes.
5. If your chocolate shapes don’t have a flat base to them (like how my little bears have flat feet), you can make a little base for them so that they’ll stand upright! Instead of using regular chocolate (like from a chocolate bar), I’m using chocolate chips, because these set much quicker when melted rather than pure chocolate. Place some mini cupcake liners and in an empty egg carton. Melt the white chocolate chips, and place about ½ ~ 1 tsp into each cupcake liner. Place the chocolates on top in a standing position. Gently hold these in place until the chocolate can stand on its own, and then carefully transfer these to the freezer to set for a final time.
6. To serve, you can either keep them in the cupcake liners as a really adorable gift, or you could add these to a dessert! I removed the cupcake liner and placed one in a glass and spooned some chocolate pudding around it to cover the base, and it looks like a little bear standing in pudding!

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chocolate dolls thumb

How to Make 3D Chocolate Dolls | 3Dチョコレートの人形の作り方

デザートに入れる、またはプレゼントとしてあげるのは可愛いです!!いつも使うリラックマの型を使用しましたが、お好みの型でもOKですよ!ホワイ トチョ コ、ミルクチョコやダークチョコを人形の体に使って、飾り方は何でもOKです!好きな人や友だちをチョコレートの人形にすれば可愛いです!!テンパリング しませんでしたので、表面をきれいにするためにチョコレートを冷蔵庫または冷凍庫に保存してね❤しかし、テンパリングが出来ればもっときれいに出来上がり ます❤クマの体にリンツExcellenceのホワイトチョコ(板チョコ)を使って、ベースにスーパーでベーキングに使うホワイトチョコチップを使いまし た。

❤ ホワイトチョコレート(溶かした)
❤ ホワイトチョコチップ
❤ リラックマのシリコン製の型(またはお好みのシリコン製の型)

❤ 油性食用色素
❤ 食べれるキラキラのパウダーやスプレーなど
❤ 爪楊枝
❤ ミニマフィンカップ

①湯煎でチョコレートを溶かす。鍋に2.5cmぐらいの水を入れ、沸騰する。弱火にし、その上にガラス製のボウルを入れ、チョコレートを入れる。電子レン ジで溶かすのははやいですので、レシピによく使いますが、これはもっと丁寧な溶かし方で、チョコレートを焦げるチャンスがない❤
⑤このクマのように平らの足がない場合、自分で立てられるためのベースが作れます!今まで使ったチョコ(板チョコなど)の代わりに、チョコチップを使うこ とにしました。純粋な板チョコよりはやく固まりますから。小さなマフィンカップを卵箱に入れる。ホワイトチョコチップを溶かし、各マフィンカップに小さじ 1/2~1を入れる。チョコレートの人形を立てる状態にマフィンカップに置き、溶けたチョコがクマが自分で立てられるぐらいに固まるまでこのままに持ち、 冷凍庫に戻し、もう一度固まらせる。



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