Hot Chocolate French Toast | ホットチョコのフレンチトースト


hot chocolate french toast

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Hot Chocolate French Toast | ホットチョコのフレンチトースト

Ingredients (serves 4)
❤ 1 loaf egg bread, crusts removed
❤ mini marshmallows
❤ milk (or dark) chocolate squares
❤ 1 cup hot chocolate (I used this recipe here)
❤ 3 eggs
❤ 1 tbsp unsalted butter

❤ melted milk (or dark) chocolate
❤ freshly whipped cream
❤ milk (or dark) chocolate, grated

1. Slice the egg bread into four 2-3 inch-thick slices. Slice a slit into the side of each piece of bread, making pockets.
2. Fill the pockets with mini marshmallows and chocolate squares. Make sure to not over-stuff the pockets and tear the bread.
3. Pour the hot chocolate and 3 eggs into a shallow dish and whisk together. Place the bread into the dish and soak on each side for 5 minutes.
4. Melt some butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Fry the bread on each side for about 3-4 minutes. The mixture is quite sugary, so make sure to check to see if the sugar is caramelizing too quickly or burning. Then turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid, and allow the French toast to steam in the residual heat for 5 minutes.
5. To serve, top with some melted chocolate, freshly whipped cream and grated chocolate and enjoy!

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hot chocolate french toast

Hot Chocolate French Toast | ホットチョコのフレンチトースト

❤エッグブレッド(皮を向いた) 1片
❤ホットチョコ(使用したレシピはこちらです) 1カップ
❤卵 3個
❤無塩バター 大さじ1





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