Guinea Pig Cakes | モルモットのケーキ


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Guinea Pig Cakes | モルモットのケーキ

These little critters are actually fluffy but 100% edible! These are made with banana bread, and are coated in a cinnamon vanilla buttercream then decorated with homemade cotton candy to make them look like actual guinea pigs! These look so cute when they’re finished, and actual weigh pretty close to what real guinea pigs weigh! The cotton candy will start to wilt about 5 hours after you attach it to the cake, so I’d leave the cotton candy separate from the cake right up until you’re ready to serve the cake. You can use whatever colour cotton candy you like to create your dream guinea pig (you could even make a pink one – how cute would that be????), or even make mini ones to place on everyone’s plate! The fur makes the cakes look much bigger than they actually are, and they are only about 1/2 of a banana loaf, which would be perfect for 2 people.

Ingredients (makes 4 guinea pigs)
❤ 2 loaves of Banana Bread (recipe here)
❤ Vanilla Buttercream (recipe here)
❤ 1 tsp cinnamon
❤ 12 tbsp of sugar-worth of Homemade Cotton Candy, in your desired colours (recipe here)
❤ dark chocolate chips
❤ melted white chocolate, dyed pink and yellow

1. Slice each loaf of banana bread in half, and round out the corners to create 4 oval-shaped cakes. Place each cake on a piece of parchment paper.
2. Mix the cinnamon into the vanilla buttercream, and spread a thin layer over all of the cakes. Place these in the fridge for the buttercream to stiffen, then apply a thicker layer over buttercream onto the cakes.
3. Using your desired colour of cotton candy, begin attaching long pieces of cotton candy to the cakes, making sure to lay the cotton candy so that it looks like long, smooth guinea pig fur. For extra definition around the face, nose and neck, gently press down with your fingers to shape the cotton candy.
4. Spoon some melted yellow-coloured chocolate onto a square of parchment paper and make 8 circles for the ears. Then spoon some melted pink-coloured chocolate onto the parchment paper to make 4 little noses. Transfer these to the freezer until they are fully set.
5. Stick two dark chocolate chips onto each guinea pig for their eyes, and add the ears and pink noses.

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guinea pig cake thumb

Guinea Pig Cakes | モルモットのケーキ


❤バナナパン(レシピはこちらです) 2ローフ
❤バニラバタークリーム (レシピはこちらです)
❤シナモン 小さじ1
❤お好みの色の手作り綿あめ(レシピはこちらです) 砂糖大さじ12分



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