Fluffy Pomeranian Cake | ふわふわのポメラニアンのケーキ


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Fluffy Pomeranian Cake | ふわふわのポメラニアンのケーキ

This looks just like a puppy!! Admittedly it doesn’t look AS much like a Pomeranian as I had hoped (I think it would need to look a bit rounder, haha), but this is still such an adorable cake and looks like a little puppy is sitting at your table! This might look incredibly complicated, but it’s actually quite easy! The only tricky part is making the cotton candy, but all you need is to practice a few times, and you’ll totally have the hang of it! The cake tastes so delicious and was made by my lovely friend Julie Nolke who is the creator of Feeling Peckish! The cake is filled with chocolate bars and is perfect from the inside out! If you’re dying to get a puppy (like me!), at least you can make your dream puppy at home in the meantime! The cotton candy will harden relatively quickly, so I would recommend making the cake and coating it in both layers of buttercream the day before serving, then on the day that you’re serving the cake, make the cotton candy and attach it to the dog before serving. Julie and I tackled this entire cake from start to finish in one day and it took about 5 hours, so if you have time before a dinner with friends or a birthday party, this would be the perfect thing to make and bring!

Ingredients (makes 1 cake)

❤ 2 Marble Chocolate Bar pound cakes (recipe here by Feeling Peckish)
❤ toothpicks
❤ Tea & Coffee lollipops – Coffee, Chai and Green Tea flavours (recipe here)
❤ black food colouring
❤ ½ recipe of Vanilla buttercream (recipe here)
❤ 3 chocolate chips
❤ 1 small pink marshmallow
❤ 1 pink candy heart (optional)


1. First, make the fur. Crush the lollipops until they are a very fine powder. Placing these in a food processor is a great way to do this. Add some black food colouring to the crushed coffee candies, and mix well. The crushed candies won’t look very different in colour, but you will see a difference when making the fur.
2. Using a cotton candy maker, follow the directions to make cotton candy using the coffee, chai and green tea sugars. The coffee candies will give you grey coloured fur, the chai will give you blonde fur, and the green tea will give you white fur. Gently place the fur on plates and set them aside.
3. To carve the cake, carve one loaf into a rounded rectangle, to make the body. Slice the second loaf in half, carving one half into a sphere for the head. Carve the tail, ears, nose and 4 feet out of the second half of the loaf. Use toothpicks to attach all of the pieces to the cake, making sure to place the tail on top of the back on the Pomeranian, instead of pointing outwards. This is because Pomeranians typically hold their tails in an upright position.
4. Spread a thin layer of vanilla buttercream over the entire cake, to create a crumb coat. This will catch all of the excess crumbs, so that the final coating of buttercream doesn’t have any crumbs stuck in it.
5. Then spread a thicker layer of buttercream over the entire cake. Begin to stick the cotton candy fur onto the buttercream, creating any markings or patterns of your choice with the different colours of fur. Personally, I love cream sable-coloured Pomeranians, so I added a bit of grey fur onto the back of the Pomeranian and the bottom of its feet. Use the lightest colour fur for the bum, ear and face area of the Pomeranian, to give the cake dimension and a realistic fur pattern.
6. Stick two chocolate chips onto the dog’s face as its eyes, and one as its nose. Slice a small pink marshmallow in half, and attach it, sticky side down, to the cake to act as the dog’s tongue. If you like, you can stick a pink candy heart onto the dog’s rear end to make its bum.

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Fluffy Pomeranian Cake | ふわふわのポメラニアンのケーキ


❤板チョコ入りマーブルのパウンドケーキ 2個 (レシピはこちらですFeelingPeckishより)
❤お茶とコーヒーのロリポップ(コーヒー味、チャイ味と緑茶味) (レシピはこちらです)
❤1/2量のバニラバタークリーム (レシピはこちらです)
❤チョコチッピ 3粒
❤ピンク色のミニマシュマロ 1個
❤ピンク色のキャンディーハート (なくてもOKです❤)







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