{Cold Remedy} Honey Lemon Tea and Kinako Mochi |風邪に!はちみつレモンティーときな粉餅


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{Cold Remedy} Honey Lemon Tea and Kinako Mochi |風邪に!はちみつレモンティーときな粉餅

Battling a cold or the flu? This snack is so easy to make, and is the perfect balance of warmth, sweetness and comfort. You can literally roll out of bed, make this, and then go back into bed to eat it – it’s THAT easy to make. You can alter the amount of honey in the tea, and the amount of brown sugar in the mochi to match your tastebuds.
For those of you unfamiliar with mochi, it is made out of rice, and is very popular in Japan. I have used something called namakiri mochi, which are hard little bricks of mochi that need to be toasted or boiled before consuming. They are absolutely delicious!

Honey Lemon Tea

Ingredients (serves 1)
❤ ½ lemon
❤ 1-2 tbsp honey
❤ hot water


1. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into a mug, and then place the lemon itself into the mug as well.
2. Drizzle the honey into the mug, and fill the mug about ¼ full with hot water, and mix to dissolve the honey.
3. Pour in the remaining hot water and serve.

Kinako Mochi

Ingredients (serves 1)
❤ 2 pieces of namakiri mochi (the hard kind, not soft) – see bottom of page for translated heating instructions
❤ 1 tbsp brown sugar
❤ 2 tbsp kinako (toasted soybean flour)


1. Mix the brown sugar and kinako together in a bowl.
2. Cut the mochi into bite sized pieces, and heat in the microwave according to the directions on the packet. (I have a photo below of the packet that I used, as well as a translated version of the heating directions).
3. Once the mochi is warm, roll it in the sugar and flour mixture, and serve ❤

 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The packaging of the mochi that I used: Takahashi Namakiri Mochi


Translated cooking directions – I used the microwave method:

Grilling Method

●Using a Toaster Oven
①Grill in the toaster oven until the surface of the mochi begins to brown (approx.. 4-5 minutes).
②Without opening the door of the toaster oven, leave the mochi in the residual heat for about 1 more minute. The mochi will then expand from its center.
※Depending on the toaster oven, the level of cooking will differ, so please adjust the cooking time accordingly.

●Using a Microwave
① Place the mochi into a deep, microwave safe container. Cover with water, and cook in the microwave until the mocha begins to expand (approx. 2 minutes).
② Allowing the mochi to sit in the container for another 1 minute will make it even more delicious.
※Depending on the microwave, the container used, and the amount of water used, the cooking time will differ. Please adjust accordingly.

Boiling Method

①Add lightly grilled mochi to 1 litre of water (per 5 pieces of mochi), and bring to a boil.
②Remove from the heat and then place over low heat and cook for 2-3 minutes. The mochi will have the consistency of freshly pounded mochi.
※The cooking time, the amount of mochi used, and the cookware used may cause the cooking of the mochi to differ, so please adjust accordingly.

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{Cold Remedy} Honey Lemon Tea and Kinako Mochi |風邪に!はちみつレモンティーときな粉餅

❤ レモン       ½個
❤ はちみつ     大さじ1~2(お好みではちみつの量を調節できる)
❤ お湯         適量




❤ 生切り餅     2個
❤ 黒砂糖           大さじ1
❤ きな粉           大さじ2






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