Christian Louboutin High Heel Marshmallows | クリスチャン・ルブタンのマシュマロのレシピ


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Christian Louboutin High Heel Marshmallows | クリスチャン・ルブタンのマシュマロのレシピ

Ingredients (makes 24-30 marshmallows)
❤ 2 ½ tsp powdered gelatin
❤ 1/3 cup cold water
❤ 1 cup sugar
❤ ¼ cup cold water
❤ seeds from 1 vanilla bean
❤ black and red food colouring
❤ corn starch

❤ piping bags

1. Pour 1/3 cup of cold water into the bowl of an electric mixer and sprinkle the powdered gelatin on top. Let sit for 5 minutes.
2. Place the sugar and ¼ cup cold water in a small pot and set to medium-high heat. Stir until the sugar has melted.
3. Attach a candy thermometer to the pot and boil the sugar until it reaches 238F. Brush the sides of the pot with a wet pastry brush if sugar crystals stick to the sides.
4. Add the hot sugar to the gelatin and stir the mixture by hand whisking for a few minutes to slightly cool. Then beat with an electric mixer on medium-high speed for 8-10 minutes, until soft peaks form.
5. Divide 1/3 of the marshmallow into 2 smaller bowls. Dye one bowl red and leave the other bowl white. Dye the remaining larger amount of marshmallow black. Place the marshmallow into piping bags fitted with round tips.
6. Using a sharpie, draw Louboutin shapes onto the underside of a sheet of parchment paper. Place the paper on a baking sheet and pipe the marshmallow onto the sheet, using the stencil as a guide.
7. Allow the marshmallows to sit for 2 hours, then sift some corn starch on top. Gently peel the marshmallows off the parchment paper with a butter knife and coat the undersides in corn starch. Bounce the marshmallows in a sieve a few times to remove any excess corn starch and enjoy!

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Christian Louboutin High Heel Marshmallows | クリスチャン・ルブタンのマシュマロのレシピ

❤粉ゼラチン 小さじ2.5
❤冷たい水 カップ1/3
❤砂糖 カップ1
❤冷たい水 カップ1/4
❤バニラ豆の種 1本分


② 小鍋に砂糖と冷たい水カップ1/4を流し入れ、中強火にする。砂糖が溶かすまで混ぜる。
③ キャンディ温度計を鍋につける。114度になるまで煮る。時々混ぜる。砂糖が鍋についたら、濡れたブラッシュで塗り、砂糖を溶かす。



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