Chocolate-Stuffed “Cockroaches” | チョコ入りゴキブリさん


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Chocolate-Stuffed “Cockroaches” | チョコ入りゴキブリさん

Now I apologize if I’ve completely turned you off of dried dates in this video, but this is the PERFECT last-minute Halloween recipe for creeping out your friends and family! These taste super sweet, so are definitely for those who have a sweet tooth. I used the hairs from a rambutan fruit as the cockroaches’ legs and antenna(e?), and they make your mouth tickle when you eat them! Hide these in your cupboards, food storage containers, or even tuck them between the bed sheets, and have so much fun scaring everybody this Halloween!

Ingredients (makes 10 cockroaches)
❤ 10 dried dates
❤ 10 tootsie rolls
❤ 80 rambutan hairs, from 1 or 2 rambutan (8 per cockroach)
❤ 1 toothpick

1. Remove the seeds from the dates, keeping them as intact as possible.
2. Stick a tootsie roll inside of each date, closing up the seam to hide the tootsie roll inside.
3. Make 8 holes in each cockroach with a toothpick – 3 on each side, and 2 for the antennae.
4. Snip off the hairs from the rambutan. Stick the hairs into each hole to create legs and antennae! The hairs on the rambutan aren’t as long as actual cockroaches’ legs, but I promise you that when you put them into your mouth, the legs will feel long enough!

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cockroach thumb

Chocolate-Stuffed “Cockroaches” | チョコ入りゴキブリさん

この動画を見た前に干しナツメヤシが好きな方にごめんなさい!友だちやご家族にいたずらをするレシピです!甘いものが好きな方にぴったりなおやつで す!ラ ンブータンという果物の「毛」を使って、ゴキブリさんの足と触角にしました。食べる時にゴキブリが口に入っている気がします!カップボードやベッドのシー トの間に入れて、今年のハロウィーンにいたずらを楽しむ!

❤ 干しナツメヤシ 10個
❤ トッツィーロール 10個
❤ ランブータンの「毛」 80本(ランブータン1~2個分、各ゴキブリに8本使用する)
❤ 爪楊枝 1本




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