Cheesecake Hot Chocolate | チーズケーキのホットチョコ


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Cheesecake Hot Chocolate | チーズケーキのホットチョコ

This hot chocolate is perfect for anybody who enjoys desserts with a touch of salt! This is so smooth and creamy, and so difficult to stop drinking! If you use different milk, you could have a variety of cheesecake hot chocolates! Use chocolate milk to make a double chocolate cheesecake hot chocolate, strawberry milk to make a strawberry cheesecake hot chocolate, banana milk to make a banana cheesecake hot chocolate, or even add a touch of instant coffee to make a coffee cheesecake hot chocolate!

Ingredients (serves 2-4)
❤ 4 cups milk
❤ 100g milk chocolate
❤ 60g + 60g + 20g cream cheese, softened
❤ 1 cup whipping cream
❤ 1-2 tsp sugar
❤ 5 graham crackers, crumbled into a powder
❤ cocoa powder

1. Pour the milk into a pot set to medium heat. Add the milk chocolate and 60g of cream cheese. Stir until the chocolate and cream cheese have fully melted. If you have trouble fully dissolving the small lumps of cream cheese, you can pour the hot chocolate through a sieve to create a smoother consistency.
2. Spread about 20g of cream cheese onto the rims of your mugs. Then dip the rims into a plate of the graham cracker crumbs, creating a cheesecake-like rim on the mugs. If you are worried about the cheese melting or sliding off the rims, you can place these in the fridge while you make the whipped cream topping.
3. Lightly beat the other 60g of cream cheese in a bowl with an electric mixer. Add the whipping cream and 1-2 tsp of sugar into a bowl, and beat until stiff peaks form. If you find that this is too thick, just add a little bit more cream.
4. Pour the hot chocolate into the mugs, and spoon on the whipped cream topping. Sprinkle on a little bit of cocoa powder, and you’re done!

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Cheesecake Hot Chocolate | チーズケーキのホットチョコ

塩味のデザートが好きな方にぴったりのホットチョコレートです!とてもスムーズで、クリーミーなホットチョコです!他の牛乳を使うと色々の味のチー ズケー キのホットチョコが作れます!チョコミルクを使うとダブルチョコレートチーズケーキのホットチョコ、いちごミルクでいちごチーズケーキのホットチョコ、バ ナナミルクでバナナチーズケーキのホットチョコやインスタントコーヒーを少々加えるとコーヒーチーズケーキのホットチョコになります!

❤ 牛乳 カップ4
❤ ミルクチョコレート 100g
❤ クリームチーズ(室温に戻した)60g+60g+20g
❤ 生クリーム カップ1
❤ 砂糖 小さじ1~2
❤ グラハムクラッカークッキー(つぶした) 5枚
❤ ココアパウダー




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