Candy Heart Coconut Dumplings | キャンディーハートのココナツミルク入り白玉


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Candy Heart Coconut Dumplings | キャンディーハートのココナツミルク入り白玉

Soft, pudgy dumplings in a fruity, flavourful syrup that’s a perfect dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day! If you’re a fan of mochi or sticky rice dumplings, then you’ll absolutely love this! These dumplings are coloured to match the popular Candy Hearts/Conversation Hearts candies, and are served with a coconut milk, ginger and brown sugar syrup. Chocolate is everywhere on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re not a fan of chocolate or want something a little bit different, then you should definitely try out this recipe! You could even just colour all of the hearts red or pink, and substitute some vanilla extract for the ginger and add a few chopped up strawberries instead of peanuts! Keep the sprig of mint though – it would look adorable with pink or red!

Ingredients (serves 2)
❤ 100g shiratamako flour
❤ 100ml water
❤ pink, purple, yellow, green and orange food colouring

❤ 100ml coconut milk
❤ 1 tsp freshly grated ginger
❤ 1 ½ tbsp light brown sugar
❤ cheesecloth
❤ crushed peanuts
❤ mint leaves

1. First, make the dumplings. Place the shiratamako flour into a bowl, and gradually drizzle in the water. Knead with a spoon (or your hands – much easier). The dough should form into one piece, and be firm enough for a piece of dough to be rolled into a ball, and retain its form when placed down. Depending on the humidity of your house, you may need to add a bit more flour or water, but do so very gradually.
2. Divide the dough into 6 and roll it into balls, and dye them pink, purple, yellow, green and orange, and leave the remaining ball white.
3. Then divide each ball in half, and shape them into hearts. If the dough feels crumbly, wet your hands with water, and continue to knead.
4. Place the dumplings in a pot of boiling water. Once they have risen to the surface, boil for 1 minute, then place in a bowl of ice water. Then place them on a plate lined with saran wrap while you make the syrup.
5. Place the coconut milk, ginger and brown sugar into a pan and bring to a boil. Then pour this into a bowl lined with cheesecloth to remove any pieces of ginger.
6. Place some crushed peanuts into the bottom of two bowls, and top with the heart dumplings – one of each colour. Then spoon over the coconut syrup and top with a mint leaf and some more crushed peanuts!

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Candy Heart Coconut Dumplings | キャンディーハートのココナツミルク入り白玉

バレンタインデーにぴったり甘くて、おいしいシロップにつけた柔らかい白玉のデザートです!白玉が好きな方はこのデザートは絶対に好きだと思いま す!人気 のキャンディーハートの飴に似ていて、ココナツミルク、しょうがとキビ糖のシロップをかけました。バレンタインデーにチョコレートが人気ですが、チョコよ り他のデザートが食べたい方やチョコレートが好きじゃない方にぴったりのレシピです!虹色より、すべての白玉を赤色やピンク色に着色し、しょうがの代わり にバニラエッセンスを少々加え、ピーナッツの代わりにイチゴを加えるのもとても美味しそうです!ミントの葉も飾ってね!赤色とピンク色に合うと思いま す!❤

❤ 白玉粉 100g
❤ 水 100ml
❤ ピンク色、紫色、黄色、緑色とオレンジ色の食用色素

❤ ココナツミルク 100ml
❤ 生しょうが(おろした) 小さじ1
❤ キビ糖 大さじ1.5
❤ チーズクロス
❤ ピーナッツ(つぶした)
❤ ミントの葉




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