Brie “Cheese Cake” | カマンベールのチーズケーキ


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Brie “Cheese Cake” | カマンベールのチーズケーキ

❤ 2 rounds of brie, different sizes
❤ 3 slices of prosciutto
❤ 3 small spinach leaves
❤ apricot jam (or honey)
❤ walnuts
❤ dried cranberries

1. First, make the prosciutto roses. Slice each slice of prosciutto lengthwise into 3. Roll up one piece tightly. Loosely roll the second piece around the first piece. Using a pair of scissors, make little slices around the edges and fold them outward to look like a rose. Loosely wrap the last piece around the rose and again make little slices to look like petals. Repeat with the remaining prosciutto to make 2 more roses.
2. Stack the 2 brie rounds on top of each other and arrange 3 small spinach leaves on top. Place the 3 prosciutto roses on top. Spread some apricot jam (or honey) between the two cheese layers. Decorate the edges of the cake with some walnuts and dried cranberries and enjoy!

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brie cheese thumb

Brie “Cheese Cake” | カマンベールのチーズケーキ

❤カマンベール 2個(2サイズ)
❤生ハム 3枚
❤ほうれん草 小3個




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