Breakfast Fondue | 朝ごはんのフォンデュ


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Breakfast Fondue | 朝ごはんのフォンデュ

This is the perfect dish when you need a kick start to your day! How could you not be happy when looking at all of this bright, colourful and delicious fruit. Even just the name brings this up from regular fruit and yogurt into an interactive and fun breakfast for you or your kids on the first day back at school. You can use any fruit you like, and can spice up the yogurt by adding some honey or jam. This doesn’t take very long to make, but I recommend making this the night beforehand to be able to relax and enjoy it the next morning. I have this strange love for dipping cheddar cheese in yogurt, so I highly recommend that you try it out!!

Ingredients (serves 2-4)
❤ 2 mangoes
❤ 8 strawberries
❤ 2 peaches
❤ 1 green apple
❤ lemon juice
❤ ½ banana
❤ 3 slices of white cheddar cheese
❤ ¼ cup blueberries
❤ ½ cup cherries
❤ ½ cup Greek yogurt

1. Slice the cheeks off of each mango, then make a criss cross pattern with a knife into the flesh of the mango, without cutting through the skin. Then curve the cheeks outwards so that the little cubes are sticking out.
2. Slice the stem off of each strawberry, then using a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut the strawberries into a heart shape. Then slice each heart in half to create 2 hearts out of each strawberry.
3. Slice both the peaches and the green apple into segments, and squeeze some lemon juice onto the apple to prevent it from browning.
4. Slice the banana into diagonal slices. Then, using a small flower-shaped cookie cutter, slice out flowers from the cheddar cheese.
5. Spoon the yogurt into a small bowl, and place it on a platter with all of the fruit.

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Breakfast Fondue | 朝ごはんのフォンデュ

このカラフル、美味しい果物を見るとすぐ嬉しくならない、じゃない?!「朝ごはんのフォンデュ」の名前だけで普通のフルーツ入りヨーグルトより新学 期に食 べながら楽しめる朝ごはんになります。果物の中で何でも使ってもOKで、ヨーグルトに蜂蜜やジャムを加えてもおいしいです❤!時間があまりかかりません が、前の夜に作っておけば、次の朝にゆっくりで食べる時間があります。ちょっとおかしいですが、チーズをヨーグルトに付けるのが大好きですので、ぜひ食べ てみてください!

❤ マンゴー 2個
❤ いちご 8個
❤ 桃 2個
❤ 青りんご 1個
❤ レモン汁
❤ バナナ 1/2本
❤ ホワイト・チェダー 3枚
❤ ブルーベリー 1/4カップ
❤ チェリー 1/2カップ
❤ グリークヨーグルト 1/2カップ




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