Bird’s Nest Pocky Cake | ポッキー入り巣のケーキ


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Bird’s Nest Pocky Cake | ポッキー入り巣のケーキ

This is a nest cake that is actually filled with eggs! Well, delicious creme eggs, that is! How this cake looks is totally up to your creativity! You could use different coloured pocky to have a more colourful nest, or fill it with different things to create any scene that you like! I think that this is so perfect for Easter and it looks absolutely beautiful when set at a table. While baking, the creme eggs slightly melt, and give the base of the cake a very chewy, almost toffee-like consistency that is AMAZING. If you love rich, chocolately and indulgent desserts, you need to make this!!
I found that freezing the milk chocolate bars (I used Lindt Excellence milk chocolate) made it much easier to grate when creating the chocolate shavings, and it didn’t melt as quickly in my hands. If you find that it’s melting before you have enough shavings, just pop the bar back in the freezer for a few minutes to stiffen up.


For the cake:
❤ 1 cup hot water
❤ 3 tbsp instant coffee
❤ ½ cup cocoa powder
❤ 1 tbsp vanilla extract
❤ 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
❤ 1 cup sugar
❤ ¾ tsp baking soda
❤ ½ tsp salt
❤ ½ cup vegetable oil
❤ ¾ cup milk chocolate chips
❤ 2 tsp white vinegar
❤ 8 crème eggs
❤ Chocolate Buttercream recipe, halved (recipe here)

❤ 2 bars (100g each) milk chocolate, frozen
❤ 3 boxes (40g each) chocolate Pocky
❤ 1/3 cup mini eggs
❤ white chocolate
❤ oil-based food colouring


To make the cake:
1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. In a separate bowl, dissolve the instant coffee in the hot water. Then add the cocoa powder and vanilla, whisk together, then pour into the dry mixture. Add the vegetable oil, chocolate chips and vinegar, and mix until everything is well combined.
2. Pour half of the mixture into a greased 8 inch cake mold. Then stick the crème eggs into the batter, making sure that they don’t touch the bottom of the pan. Cover with the remaining cake batter, making sure to fully cover the eggs. Bake the cake at 375F for 45-50 minutes, or until fully cooked. Allow the cake to fully cool before decorating.

To decorate the cake:
1. Coat the entire cake in a layer of chocolate buttercream, then using a cheese grater, grate a bar of milk chocolate over the entire cake to look like twigs. Gently press on the chocolate flakes to cake to stick them to the buttercream.
2. Snap the Pocky into smaller pieces, and arrange them in a circle to create a nest, building out towards the edges of the cake.
3. Melt some white chocolate and dye it your desired colours. Pour it into a bird-shaped chocolate mold to create birds to decorate the cake.
4. Fill the nest with the chocolate birds and mini eggs, and enjoy!

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Bird’s Nest Pocky Cake | ポッキー入り巣のケーキ

卵が実際に入った巣のケーキです!卵はキャドバリーのクリームエッグです!ミルクチョコのポッキーより、カラフルのほうを使うと巣がとてもかわいくなると 思います!私が入ったミニエッグとチョコの鳥よりお好みのチョコレートやグミを加えてもOKですよ!イースターにぴったりのケーキだと思います!焼く時にクリームエッグが少し溶かし、ケーキのベースがタフィーっぽいになって、ものすごくおいしいですよ!噛む必要のあるキャラメルのデザートが好きな方にぴったりのデザートです!ぜひぜひ試してみてくださいね!

❤お湯 2カップ
❤インスタントコーヒー 大さじ6
❤バニラエッセンス 大さじ2
❤小麦粉 カップ3
❤砂糖 2カップ
❤重曹 小さじ1.5
❤塩 小さじ1
❤サラダ油 カップ1
❤ミルクチョコのチップ カップ1.5
❤白酢 小さじ4
❤キャドバリーのクリームエッグ 8個

❤ミルク板チョコ(解凍) 2枚
❤ポッキー 120g
❤ミニエッグ カップ1/3


①バタークリームをケーキに薄く塗り、「crumb coat」になります。バタークリームをもう一回塗り、たっぷり塗る。解凍ミルクチョコをおろし、ケーキの表面につける。落ちないように、手で軽く押し、バタークリームにつける。



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