Last-Minute DIY Cookie Mug Gift | 最後のどたん場で!手作りクッキー入りマグカップのプレゼント


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Last-Minute DIY Cookie Mug Gift | 最後のどたん場で!手作りクッキー入りマグカップのプレゼント

This is the perfect, cutest last-minute gift!

Materials Needed
❤ a mug of your choice
❤ multi-surface acrylic craft paint (I used Martha Stewart’s craft paint in the satin finish, as well as the glitter finish)
❤ a small paintbrush
❤ painting tape or washi tape

1. First, make sure that your mugs are clean and dry. Then wrap a long strip of tape around both the top and the bottom of the mugs to create a sectioned off area for you to paint in.
2. Then draw on your desired designs using a small paintbrush and the multi-surface acrylic paint! My creativity seems to remain in the kitchen, so I just drew on these simple, but cute snowflakes!
3. Allow these to fully dry before using. I let them sit overnight, but 3-4 hours should be sufficient. Note: The paint is not dishwasher safe, so I recommend hand washing these mugs after decorating them.
4. Then fill the mugs with Christmas cookies and wrap them in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. These are such a quick but super easy gift!

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Last-Minute DIY Cookie Mug Gift | 最後のどたん場で!手作りクッキー入りマグカップのプレゼント


❤ お好みのマグカップ
❤ アクリル絵具(MarthaStewartのブランドを使用しました)
❤ 小さな絵筆
❤ マスキングテープ




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